Day 2 Results

Last night was an incredible second round of performances. Our first session opened with three shows: a mother and daughter try hanging a Japanese windsock called koinobori in their backyard to near disastrous results in Timothy Huang’s Koi Story; two women avoid going to a wedding by hiding in a bathroom in Sharon E. Cooper’s Stalled; Kevin and Karen try to get their child to fall asleep but their parents and child torment them through the baby monitor in Patrick Flynn’s The Ferberizing of Coral.

After a quick break the second session gave us four more plays: a group of close friends try getting much, much closer in Serena Berman’s Sex Friends; two strangers struggle to balance their excitement for the future with their fears about fitting in waiting for a city bus in Jared Eberlein’s Click! (A Travel Motif); two very different women from very different backgrounds are assigned to film a fire for video collections in Jordan W. Morille’s Tiger Barb; Cecil needs to replace the office printer’s ink cartridge, but there’s a hideous monster in the supply closet in Seamus Sullivan’s Re: Oblivion.  

Tasked with choosing only a few of these plays to advance to the Saturday finals were the Disney Theatrical Group’s resident dramaturg and literary manager Ken Cerniglia, Senior Producer for Performing Arts at BRIC Arts Media B.J. Evans, and award winning composer/lyricist and playwright Max Vernon. After a considerable discussion and thought, three short plays were selected for the Saturday Finals.

The Ferberizing of Coral by Patrick Flynn

Sex Friends by Serena Berman

Click! (A Travel Motif) by Jared Eberlein

Congratulations! If you want to see these plays again keep a look out for Saturday’s schedule on our tickets page. More Saturday finalists will be announced throughout the week, so please be sure to check in throughout the week for more updates. And, please check out our full schedule for our other Final 30 performances.

Thank you Ken Cerniglia, B.J. Evans, and Max Vernon for joining us last night. Making those choices couldn’t have been easy

And thank you Timothy Huang, Sharon E. Cooper, Jared Eberlein, Jordan W. Morille, and Seamus Sullivan. It’s an honor to have you as a part of our Final 30, and we can’t wait to see what you write next.

From left to right, Sharon E. Cooper, Patrick Flynn, Seamus Sullivan, Serena Berman, Jordan W. Morille at the Brazen Fox

From left to right, Sharon E. Cooper, Patrick Flynn, Seamus Sullivan, Serena Berman, Jordan W. Morille at the Brazen Fox