Day 3 Results

Last night was round three of the OOB Festival, and  as the week goes on I envy the judges less and less. 

Our first session opened with four plays: a recently resettled Syrian refugee is paid a superficially-friendly visit by a neighbor in Marco Calvani’s The View from Up Here; a woman is about to give a presentation to senior executives when a most unexpected event occurs in Deb Hiett’s The Presentation; a missionary’s trip to South Africa is about to end and a close friend she has made forces her to address her faith, her personal life, and all the complications that come with them in Caitlin Turnage’s The Holes in Human Flesh; and a secret meeting between two old friends goes from being about shoes to matters of the heart in Eliana Pipe’s Stiletto Envy.  After a quick break we were gifted with four more plays: Jack and Jill’s friendship is easy until love complicates the picture in Sarah Hammond and Emily Goldman’s Jack + Jill; two childhood friends reconnect over Facebook and show how different the adults they are now to the children they were then in Brough Hansen’s The Blue; a man just out of prison struggles with moving on from his past while the manager interviewing him for a job realizes her empathy might have limits in Drew Lewis’ Registered; and a woman’s morning “workout” with her personal trainer goes awry when she has to bring her young son in Erin Mallon’s The Spotted Gentleman

The judges we invited to last night’s performances were playwright James Hindman, New Dramatist’s Artistic Director Emily Morse, and Keen Company’s Artistic Director James Silverstein.  After considerable discussion and thought, they selected four plays to move on to the Saturday Finals.

The Presentation by Deb Hiett
The Holes in Human Flesh by Caitlin Turnage
Jack + Jill by Sarah Hammond and Emily Goldman
Registered by Drew Lewis

Congratulations! If you want to see these plays again keep a look out for Saturday’s schedule on our tickets page. More Saturday finalists will be announced tomorrow, so please be sure to check in for more updates. And, please check out our full schedule for our other Final 30 performances.

Thank you James Hindman, Emily Morse, and James Silverstein for joining us last night. Making those choices couldn’t have been easy.

And, thank you Marco Calvani, Eliana Pipes, Brough Hansen, and Erin Mallon or your incredible work! It was an honor to have you be a part of our Final 30, and we can’t wait to see what you write next.