Day 4 Results

We’re at the home stretch! Last night we had our final two sessions before today’s Saturday Finals. 

With the help of last night’s judges we have an unprecedented four shows moving on to today’s finals! We had Margaret Ledford, the Artistic Director of City Theatre in Miami, Keli Goff the multi-talented journalist, screenwriter, and playwright, and the composer, lyricist, and playwright Masi Asare.

Last night started off with four fantastic plays: A Small Breach in Protocol at Big Rick’s Rockin’ Skydive Academy by Daniel HirschAll of Everything by Alayna JacquelineA Rare Bird by Bella Poynton, and There’s Room on Top by Richard Sebastian-Coleman. The second session graced us with four more great plays: Blanche in a Wheelchair by Aaron LeventmanGun Play by Dale DunnNormal Enterprises by J. Joseph Cox, and Crosstalk by Eliana Pipes

After considerable thought and consideration, the plays chosen to perform today were A Small Breach in Protocol at Bick Rick’s Rockin’ SkydiveAll of EverythingBlanche in a Wheelchair, and Crosstalk

Congratulations! If you want to see these plays again, then please buy tickets for today’s performances on our tickets page.  

Thank you Margaret Ledford, Keli Goff, and Masi Asare for joining us last night. Making those choices couldn’t have been easy.

Also, thank you to last night’s playwrights! It’s an honor to have you as part of our OOB family, and we hope to see all of you at today’s afterparty at The Vineyard.