Day 4 Results

Last night was our fourth round, and with it we have officially seen all of the Final 30 plays.

Our first session opened with three: two strangers have been pining for each other on their daily subway commute, but when they finally meet their fantasies collide with reality in Joseph Olson’s and Geoffrey Goldberg’s Everyday: A Subway Romance; a family recites their normal Wednesday routines and all of the lies they tell each other and possibly themselves in Rosie Kellett’s Morker; and a couple has been trying to have a baby, but their desperate attempts has turned their sex life into a chore in Carey Crim’s Green Dot Day. After a quick break we saw four more plays: when an older brother confronts his younger brother about why he slingshots household items in the night they address very personal issues in Nancy Lucia Hoffman’s Launching; a couple of marine scientists are about to do live stream their show “Shark Squad” for the first time, but when one blindsides the other with unexpected news the broadcast goes awry in Miranda Jonte’s The Shark Play; after years of being forced to stay in the basement while his mother runs her business, a teenage boy’s world goes spinning when he ventures out and contacts one of her clients in Tom Mularz’s Latch; and a pubescent lesbian must confront her greatest fears at the Friday Night Dolphin Show and the women there in Miranda Rose Hall’s What Happened at the Dolphin Show

The judges we invited to last night’s performances were the National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s New Works Director Ciera Iveson, playwright Rachel Bonds, and City Theatre in Miami’s Co-Founder and Literary Director Susan Westfall.

After considerable discussion and thought, they selected three to move on to today’s Finals.

Green Dot Day by Carey Crim
The Shark Play by Miranda Jonte
What Happened at the Dolphin Show by Miranda Rose Hall

Congratulations! If you want to see these plays again take a look at the performance schedule on our tickets page. We look forward to seeing you at the theater!

Thank you Ciera Iveson, Rachel Bonds, and Susan Westfall, for joining us last night. Making those choices couldn’t have been easy.

And, thank you Geoffrey Goldberg, Joseph Olson, Rosie Kellett, Nancy Lucia Hoffman, and Tom Mularz for your incredible work! It was an honor to have you be a part of our Final 30, and we can’t wait to see what you write next.

From left to right, Tom Mularz, Seamus Sullivan, Miranda Rose Hall, Miranda Jonte, Rosie Kellett, Nancy Lucia Hoffman

From left to right, Tom Mularz, Seamus Sullivan, Miranda Rose Hall, Miranda Jonte, Rosie Kellett, Nancy Lucia Hoffman