OOB 40th Series Script Available for Purchase!

The wait is over! Our anthology of the OOB 40th Festival Plays is now available for your reading pleasure!

Looking back, 2015 was full of incredible milestones. Over 40 theater makers around the country participated in the 40/40 Project, bringing short plays from previous festivals to audiences everywhere. And we received a record-breaking 1,500 submissions! Of those 1,500 short plays 30 were performed during the festival, and 6 were chosen to be published and licensed by Samuel French.

For those of you where were at the festival with us, you may remember the indie game designer’s life altering job interview in Greg Edward’s and Andy Roninson’s musical Evelyn Shaffer and the Chance of a Lifetime. Or, there was Simon Henriques’ Narrators wherein two narrators and their stagehand lose themselves in narrating about narrating about narrating (and so on). Two friends go on a catastrophic fishing trip in Audrey Cefaly’s The Gulf, and three teenage girls unexpectedly meet with their formal Girl Scout leader in Throws of Love by Amy Staats. Meanwhile, James Gordon King’s Seabird Is In a Happy Place follows a young woman who is resurrected on the condition she die again after the rain stops, and life works in funny ways in Gloria Calderon Kellett’s Blind when a man is supposed to be on a blind date but finds love in a different stranger.

So, what are you still waiting for? Whether you missed the festival last year or you’re still suffering from post-show blues, you should buy your copy today!