OOB Day 1 Results

Last night was our first round of short plays, and we had a diverse selection of stunning work.

During the first session we saw John Minigan’s Easter at the Entrée Gold, Samantha Cooper’s The Woman American, Jeffrey James Keyes’ Uniforms, and Alex Rubin’s Dust and Ash. After a quick break we then saw Lindsay Joy’s The Cleaners, Kord Arrington Tuttle’s Clarity, Jane Willis’s That Kid, and Mark Staufenberg’s The Mysterious Life, And Even More Mysterious Death, Of That Guy Who Lived Below Max And Beth.

Also, we were introduced to last night’s three judges: Samuel French playwright and lyricist Gretchen Cryer, Playbill’s Features Manager Michael Gioia, and The Flea Theater’s Artistic Director Niegel Smith. All of last night’s performances were stellar, so having our judges choose only two to move on to the Saturday finals was no simple task. After much thought and deliberation, our first two titles to advance are:

The Cleaners by Lindsay Joy

Clarity by Korde Arrington Tuttle

Congratulations! If you want to see these plays one more time, they will be performing again on Saturday at 4pm. More Saturday finalists will be announced throughout the week, so please be sure to check in throughout the week for more updates. And, please check out our full schedule for our other Final 30 performances.

Thank you Gretchen Cryer, Michael Gioia, and Niegel Smith for joining us last night. Making those choices couldn’t have been easy.

And thank you John Minigan, Samantha Cooper, Jeffrey James Keyes, Alex Rubin, Jane Willis, and Mark Staufenberg for your incredible work. It was an honor to have you be a part of our Final 30, and we can’t wait to see what you write next.