OOB Day 3 Results

Our third night of OOB was wondrous! And record breaking. (Can you say biggest OOB cast ever?)

For last night’s first session we saw Jennifer Barclay’s Tight Curls Today, Pia Wilson’s Mama’s Seeds, Fance-Luce Benson Risen From the Dough, and Nicole Greevy’s, Uma Incrocci’s, and Erica Jensen’s 28 Years Later. After a quick break we then saw Lizzie Vieh’s Monsoon Season, Renee Calarco’s Bleed, and Kellen Blair’s Madeline 14 Billion Jumps the Tracks.

Also, we were introduced to last night’s three judges: Samuel French playwright Josh Harmon, Fusion Theatre’s Jen Grigg , and Backstage’s Jack Smart. There was a lot of strong work to choose from, and after much thought and deliberation our next three titles to advance are:

Risen From the Dough by France-Luce Benson

28 Years Later by Nicole Greevy, Uma Incrocci, and Erica Jensen

Monsoon Season by Lizzie Vieh

Congratulations! If you want to see these plays one more time, Risen from the Dough will be performend on Saturday at 2pm, and Monsoon Season and 28 Years Later will be performed on Saturday at 4pm.  More Saturday finalists will be announced throughout the week, so please be sure to check in for more updates. And, please check out our full schedule for our other Final 30 performances.

Thank you Josh Harmon, Jen Grigg, and Jack Smart for joining us last night. Making those choices couldn’t have been easy.

And thank you Jennifer Barclay, Pia Wilson, Renee Calarco, and Kellen Blair for your incredible work. It was an honor to have you be a part of our Final 30, and we can’t wait to see what you write next.