Day 1 Results

Last night was our first round of performances, and what a strong start to OOB! 

Our first session opened with three plays: we glimpsed into the not-so-distant-future in Alex Flanigan’s Singularity; two friends share the story of how they met and their adventures thereafter in Michael Ross’s Eyes Full of Pornography; and a performance crew that live in a man’s mind desperately try to realize his fantasies in Seamus Sullivan’s Sad 2AM Sex Fantasy.  After a quick break the second session gave us four equally diverse plays: an interaction between four teenagers proves a microcosm of America’s cultural dilemmas in Jack Novak’s Panel Discussion; between ungrateful customers and an intense work environment, an employee fights for the right to live under his desk in Annette Storckman’s Desk Fort; a couple avoids coming to terms with their emotional distance and recent affairs in Eric Marlin’s Breakfast Scene; and a happy couple’s move into a tiny home becomes a test of their relationship’s durability in Jessica Moss’s Square Footage

Needless to say I in no way envied our judges last night. Tasked with choosing only two of these plays to advance to the Saturday finals were The Lark’s Artistic Director John Clinton Eisner, Atlantic Theater’s Director of New Play Development Abigail Katz, and Samuel French published playwright Jiehae Park. After a considerable discussion and thought, the two short plays that will move on to the Saturday Finals are,

Breakfast Scene by Eric Marlin

Square Footage by Jessica Moss

Congratulations! If you want to see these plays again keep a look out for Saturday’s schedule on our tickets page. More Saturday finalists will be announced throughout the week, so please be sure to check in throughout the week for more updates. And, please check out our full schedule for our other Final 30 performances.

Thank you John Clinton Eisner, Abigail Katz, and Jiehae Park for joining us last night. Making those choices couldn’t have been easy

And thank you Alex Flanigan, Michael Ross, Seamus Sullivan, Jack Novak, and Annette Storckman for your incredible work. It was an honor to have you be a part of our Final 30, and we can’t wait to see what you write next.

From left to right, Annette Storckman, Jack Novak, Eric Marlin, Alex Flanigan, Jessica Moss, Seamus Sullivan.

From left to right, Annette Storckman, Jack Novak, Eric Marlin, Alex Flanigan, Jessica Moss, Seamus Sullivan.